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’ki.o’  Latin: to renew, arouse, set in motion
A new paradigm in performance framebuilding


The Cio story began in 2010 when Nick, a graduate architect, was having a quiet beer in the Placita de la Siu in Barcelona, watching the thousands of people ride by and trying to come up with ways to make products that would have a positive impact on the environment and society. Nick's experience building carbon fibre boats and using CNC fabrication techniques led to an idea about a composite timber and carbon fibre tubular structure, that would take advantage of the structural characteristics of timber, but with added resilience and predictability of a carbon fibre internal skin. On return to Australia, Nick built the first prototype bike frame on his CNC router as a proof of concept (pictured above). It was a great bike. Surprisingly agile, supple, fast, and with the added benefit of being beautiful to look at. After making a few tweaks to the design, prototype 2 and 3 were completed in 2011 and have been extensively ridden since as daily commuter bikes.

John and Ross joined the project in 2015, putting the wheels in motion to create a production ready version of the frame and Cio Bikes was born. We are a small company using local machinists, painters and suppliers from around Brisbane, Australia. We benefit from a tradition of Australian craftsmanship and technical innovation to manufacture things that have never been made before. We hope that our bikes will influence others to consider renewable and sustainable materials for high performance, high tech applications.

Nick Flutter